New booking system for Indigo

We recently launched a new bespoke workshop management and booking system for Indigo.

The project included creating a new booking system for all of Indigo’s workshops, integrated in Barclaycard’s payment system. Once booked, delegates are automatically emailed joining instructions, with directions to the venue and a link to nearby hotels. A few days prior to the workshop, an SMS reminder is automatically sent by the system all of which helps reduce admin time for Indigo staff.

The clever part though is in the admin, where we have built an easy to use workshop and delegate management system. The workshop manager enables Indigo to add workshops, new locations, venues and dates.

The top level view gives a complete overview of all schedules workshops, the number of booked delegates and revenue. Filters enable Indio to view workshops by type, location, by trainer or status. From this view, Indigo can drill down into each workshop’s details, viewing delegate lists, location details, and event P&Ls.

Indigo screenshot

The delegate manager, with information fed from the online booking system, gives Indigo complete visiblity of all bookings, and enables them to drill down into individual delegate details. Delegate details display the amount paid, method of payment, whether a discount was applied, account manager along with any comments.

Prior to a workshop, the system generates a delegate list for the trainer, so they know who will be attending.

Should a delegate change their booking, the system enables Indigo to simply move them to a new course or different date, automatically tracking which course the delegate transferred from.

We received some kind words from Indigo:

“We’ve really appreciated your intelligence and ingenuity and we will happily recommend Searchpath”.