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Clever use of technology is where we make a real difference. With our experience and expertise, our developers will know what's most appropriate for your particular requirements and how to derive optimum results from the technology we employ.

We build our bespoke software solutions and web portals using Microsoft’s powerful .NET (Core) framework.

Well known for its flexibility and ability to customise its framework to deliver truly unique solutions, .NET enables us to build powerful and reliable solutions for our clients.

Trusted by leading businesses

Microsoft .NET has been trusted by some of the world's leading businesses for decades, including Starbucks, TUI and Total.

Integration enabled

With it flexible design, .NET is designed to seamlessly work with other systems from simple plug-ins to complex integrations.

Easy to maintain

We deliver .NET applications that are very easy to maintain, update and amend due to our documented and peer reviewed code. This means a reduction in ongoing update and running costs.

Testing and staged deployment

We use automated testing and a staged deployment method for new functionality to ensure reliability. We also build sites and applications in a way that allows us to replace or extend entire sections of a project, without affecting other parts (so your business stays up and running).

Case study: Gatwick

Case study

Airport PA system

We were commissioned to build a mobile PA system controller, to provide consistent and clear messages for airport passengers.

The system we built simplifies the process of broadcasting a message to airport passengers. All accessed via an easy-to-use front-end, messages can be written and played within different parts of the airport terminal, can be translated on-the-fly into numerous languages, and by integrating a text to speech system, messages are now more consistent and clearer for passengers.

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Revolution Software has done an amazing job supporting Medicare for years and we wholeheartedly recommend them as a one stop solution. A great team of cutting edge talent with a dedication and passion for web development and software implementation.

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