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Case study

Gatwick airport - Text to speech PA system

We were commissioned to developed a tablet-based text-to-speech PA system for Gatwick Airport, to provide consistent and clear messages for airport passengers.

Gatwick airport talking gate desktop view
Gatwick airport talking gate desktop view
Gatwick airport talking gate desktop view



We spent several days with the client at the start of the project to fully understand the requirements, mapping processes and discussing various possible solutions.

We produced detailed wireframes of key pages and functionality to model the main user journeys before adding layers of fidelity to allow us to test the site with real users - with some many airport staff using the system, it was crucial to build something simple and intuitive, that could be accessed by desktop or tablets.

We then built the system, setting up all the functionality such as pre-populated message library, automated messaging, integrating the test-to-speech engine and the real-time translations so that messages can be played in multiple languages and setting up the integration with the airport's PA system.

Security was a key priority for the airport, with the system not accessible from outside the terminals and multiple layers of security for user logins.

The result is a system that is quick and easy for airport staff to use that produces clear and consistent messaging for passengers.

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