Traits of the best UX designers

When it comes to designers, there’s often the impression that they’re the crazy, creative, off-the-wall types, each working in their own specific ways and each with their own idiosyncrasies.

However, this article (Traits of the best UX + IU Designers) shows that the best UX designers are those who work in a methodical, structured and organised way. After all, the whole point of UX design is to ensure the best possible user experience, with clear user journeys and a logical structure, so it makes sense that those designing these sites display similar characteristics.

It’s also good to see the emphasis on those elements that we value here at SearchPath:

  • Draw up detailed user journey diagrams to really understand the steps people take through the system
  • Invest time in creating wireframes that clearly communicate functionality, content needs and hierarchy
  • Really understand why these deliverables are important
  • Spend time really understanding the needs of the business they are working with/at
  • Constantly ask ‘why?’, to understand the full picture
  • Empathise deeply with the users of the site

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