PowerBI Integration Project for Bridgethorne

Bridgethorne is a specialist in helping brands drive retail growth, through data and research. As part of their service to clients, Bridgethorne retrieves and analyses large sets of data from numerours retailers and transform that data into actionale information.

A few years ago, we create an online system for Bridgethorne to interogate retailer sites to retrieve sales data, normalise these disparate data sources and output to an analysis service to create online reports for clients. Our final part of the process was to create a portal, where Bridgethorne clients could login and access their reports.

Bridgethorne PowerBi App

In the initial project, we integrated our solution with Omniscope for the creation of the reports. This latest project for Bridgethorne required us to instead integrate with Microsoft’s PowerBi service, to build a web-app in Microsoft’s Azure with SQL and provide changes tweaks to data importer. We also re-wrote the client portal, to enable easier client management, for the automatated publishing and reporting of new client reports and to be fully mobile friendly.

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