New site launched for Orgme

We’ve just launched a new website for the start-up business called Orgme.

Orgme is a free online service where you can keep track of all your contracts, from gas and electricity to gym memberships and mobile phone contracts. The site will automatically email and text you a reminder of your contract renewal one month before expiry, giving users time to find a new provider and a better deal.

Orgme website image

For users, a Dashboard displays categories of contracts. Colour codes denote contracts due for renewal, with red due to renew within 2 weeks and yellow within 4 weeks. For any area not covered, users can add their own categories or contract types, which admins can then choose to make available to all users if relevant.

The site is managed by a custom-built admin system, enabling admins to add and edit categories, providers, contracts and affiliates. Admins can also manage categories and contracts added by users, with a colour-coded Dashboard highlighting areas that need attention.

We developed all artwork and site design, wireframing, web development, extensive testing and launch to Azure hosting.

The site can be viewed at

If you’re interested in knowing more, or need to redesign your existing website, please call Rob Caston on 01285 643 496.