Take a look at our two new demo sites

Web design is constantly evolving, driven by trends and fashion but also by changes in technology that enable us to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’ve therefore put together two test sites to demonstrate alternative designs and functionality. Feel free to use these as design prompts, for inspiration for your new site, or even to rule out those design elements you don’t like!

Both demo sites use full-screen responsive images, with a bold, all-encompassing simple statement.

The first site is a more traditional type site, with separate pages for about, services etc. It sues some subtle animation to give the site some life and makes some good use of visuals. The site can be seen at demo1.revolutionsoftware.co.uk.

Revolution demo site 1The site below is a parallax-type, long scrolling site. We’re increasignly seeing these types of sites where all content is delivered on one page. These sites rely heavily on imagery for effect and on animation. This site can be seen at demo2.revolutionsoftware.co.uk.

Revolution demo site 2If you’re looking for a new website, we can help. Call Rob Caston on 01285 643 496.