New App Launched for Viewpoint

Viewpoint helps give a voice to young people in care with local authorities in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and South Africa. We’ve worked with Viewpoint for a number of years, developing a series of apps for use by children. The brief for the latest app was to develop a simple mechanism for children to access information from the existing Viewpoint Portal.

Viewpoint App

The information accessed isn’t confidential so security was not a big issue. However, to ensure a child is directed to information specifically related to their location, they’re asked to enter a short code on the app – this code is automatically generated when a page is created and each page is related to a local authority, hence we can deliver the relevant content for each child.

Viewpoint App

Once the code is entered, a child is taken to the content that is relevant to them. All quite simple, but very effective – mobile phones are the primary method of accessing data for young people, so what better way to ensure children in care have full access to information relevant to them!

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