Online Job Management & Compliance System Launched for Waterhouse Electrical

We’ve spent the last few months working with Waterhouse Electical to design and build a bespoke online job management and compliance system.

Waterhouse Electrical is an electrical and engineering services company, working mostly with schools in servicing and maintaining their services, and ensuring their compliance with current regulations.

Waterhouse had a requirement to replace its manual, paper and Excel-based process with a bespoke online system, that could also help to automate some of its processes and also remove duplicate processes.

The system was also designed to save time in managing the compliance records and scheduling, to prevent work being missed, to enabling tracking of work and to provide an audit trail of work completed.

Waterhouse Electrical Process Management System

With a project of this scope and complexity, and where we were helping to change some of the existing internal processes, it was crucial to spend time with the client on site, getting a complete understanding of the current processes, what was working and where the current system was failing or too time consuming.

From this initial business process reengineering stage, we started mapping out the site functionality and structure, wireframing our proposals and undergoing several iterations after feedback from user testing.

The system enables Waterhouse to manage all the client work, from quotes to jobs and scheduling engineer work, to recording the work undertaken, highlighting any additional work that needs to be undertaken or that requires a quote, generating service reports that are required for compliance purposes and providing a complete audit trail of work undertaken, when and by whom and includes an asset register per client.

A dashboard view is available to alert Waterhouse to any overdue work, and there are additional alerts within reports based on a traffic light system.

From a technical perspective, the site is build using ASP.NET MVC and incorporates lots of new technology that is used to provide a good user experience such an AngularJS and a Neo4j graph database for data flexibility.

This is a great example of the ability we have to design, build and project manage complex online software systems, in addition to our work in building sophisticated public-facing websites. We will spend time with you to understand you business and processes. We will be able to turn your requirements into a simple to use and efficient system. And we will be able to build it to budget and to your time schedule.

If your business is drowning under paper and you think it could benefit from a streamlined, bespoke online system, or your current online system could work more efficiently, please get in touch on 01285 643 496.