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Beautifully designed, mobile friendly sites, reflecting our clients’ brands and business goals.

Reliable & flexible, bespoke online software apps that streamline your in-house processes.

Enterprise intranets for internal communication, content management & knowledge delivery.

Integration of 3rd party systems into existing or new solutions.

Easily manage your site on this popular platform, with lots of plug-in functionality.

Drive operational & trading improvements with custom portals and business applications.

Usability testing

Usability testing

understand your users' behaviour

When you're committing to the development of a new site or application, or if your current site is underperforming, you need to have confidence that any proposed work will be successful.

Usability testing will give you the insight to make informed decisions and ultimately, a successful product.

Real tests with real people

Test before you start

Additional services

Competitor benchmarking

Knowing what your competitors do and how they do it can help you develop a more effective website. We'll review competitor websites and make specific recommendations that you can action.

Expert reviews

We'll review your site for anything adversely affecting the user experience such as inconsistent use of terminology, confusing corporate jargon or complex user journeys, giving you actionable information.

User journeys and personas

We'll look at where the traffic in your site is going and consider the most used pathways through your site. We can then develop user journeys, considering the various types of visitors to your site and their requirements that can be used to inform decisions about structural changes to improve the user experience.

Statistical analysis

We'll analyse your search traffic and identify opportunities to increase traffic and revenue. We'll devise a strategy for organic and paid search and offer recommendations you can easily implement.

Split testing

We can use automated split testing (A/B or multivariate testing) to uncover opportunities for front-end changes, with often the smallest of tweaks providing positive results.

Case study: HealthFriends

Case study


Working in partnership with medical professionals, Revolution Software created HealthFriends, a health networking site that helps users to better manage their health by making friends with others with similar health-related interests, sharing experiences and providing mutual support.

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"Having a design & usability company with a proven track record working to develop the site alongside us has helped us to enhance, expand and extend what we're able to offer our patient community."

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