Bespoke CQC Audit & Compliance System launched for Medicare

We’ve just completed a bespoke CQC Audit System for Medicare, the leading provider of medical cover for horse racing events and other large-scale events.

Medicare’s requirement was for a system tailored to meet their unique requirements, to create a process that is easy to follow for all members of staff involved in the CQC audit process.

The result is a series of screens following the CQC Audit process. The system contains 100+ questions, grouped under five main headings. The main CQC Dashboard view below, graphically summarises the overall company compliance with a traffic light system – red for ‘fail’, yellow for ‘needs attention’, and green for ‘pass’ (the screenshot below shows the system in testing with no data added, hence fully red alerts).

CQC Audit and Compliance System

Below displays the detailed questions for each section. Each question has 3 choices – not applicable, yes and no. A notes field and the document upload enables Medicare to add supporting documentation to prove its compliance.

Where a process is non-compliant, an action can be added and assigned to a user. Assignees are then automatically emailed by the system of what they need to do, the action’s priority, due date and details. When assigning an action, the user can also specifiy a reminder date, when an automated follow-up email will be sent to the assignee. These assigned actions are displayed on each user’s Dashboard screen within the Staff Portal, giving complete visibillty of actions on each login.

Medicare CQC Audit and Compliance System

If your business is required to complete CQC Audits then give us a call. A system that enables you to easily record and track compliance will save any nasty surprises when it comes to a full CQC Audit! Please get in touch on 01285 643 496.