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Beautifully designed, mobile friendly sites, reflecting our clients’ brands and business goals.

Reliable & flexible, bespoke online software apps that streamline your in-house processes.

Enterprise intranets for internal communication, content management & knowledge delivery.

Integration of 3rd party systems into existing or new solutions.

Easily manage your site on this popular platform, with lots of plug-in functionality.

Drive operational & trading improvements with custom portals and business applications.


Our process

You'll find we're different to other agencies

Each project is different, but we approach each in a similar way to ensure we get everything right first time.

1 The Start

We build on solid foundations...

  • We'll get under the skin of your business.
  • We'll be clear about your business objectives.
  • We'll understand what your customers want.
The Start

2 Planning

The better the plan, the better the results...

  • We’ll get the details right at the start
  • You’ll get:
  • The solution you expected
  • On time
  • On budget

3 Wireframes & prototypes

Experimenting to find the right solution...

  • We build interactive wireframes to show how your site will work.
  • These work in a web browser so you can test them immediately.
  • It’s extremely cost effective to make changes at this stage.
Wireframes & Prototypes

4 UX & Visual Design

A bespoke look and feel that’s uniquely yours...

  • We’ll create a bespoke look and feel for your site.
  • We understand the latest responsive and interaction design trends.
  • Designs are responsive and adapt their layout & content according to the device and screen size being used.
UX & Visual Design
We keep thinking

We keep thinking

There’s no right answer

We think beyond the obvious and consider alternatives to make sure you get the best results


5 Build

Getting your project off the ground...

  • We code to Microsoft standards with full documentation.
  • We do test-driven-development to help prevent bugs from appearing.
  • All code is reviewed to ensure code is maintainable over the longer term.
  • We have a staged deployment process to ensure system reliability and up-time.
  • Everything is entered into our digital tracking system to ensure that nothing is overlooked or gets lost.
  • Code can be worked on by any developer and can be easily extended or adapted in the future.
We adapt quickly

We adapt quickly

Project goals often change…

Whether working on your site’s architecture, developing the design, integrating content or undertaking testing, we’re always quick to respond to changing needs.

6 Testing

Ensuring things are fit for purpose and bug free...

  • We have continuous integration builds set up to reduce costs and time to live.
  • We use automated testing to ensure business logic is correct and to stop new bugs from appearing.
  • We have a multi-stage release procedure for the deployment of new functionality.
  • You’ll be able to test your products as we build it by using one of our testing severs. These will usually be available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

7 Launch & support

Launching is just one small step, supporting you the rest of the way is important too...

  • We'll help you set up hosting and domain names
  • We'll provide training, documentation and post-launch support.
  • We'll always keep you informed of progress.
  • We'll always try to stick to deadlines

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