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Case study

Clear B2B - dynamic, animated B2B marketing site

Clear B2B is a leading business to business marketing communications agency that we have partnered with for many years.


To design and build a visually memorable and interactive site, that clearly explains the benefits of working with Clear B2B.



Starting with detailed wireframes and planning, we scoped out the architecture of the site and mocked up key pages to model the main user journeys. We then worked with the creatives at Clear to turn their design vision into reality.

Clear particularly liked the current trend of parallax-type sites and we worked to deliver this for the home page using some subtle animation on this and other pages to give a sense of interaction and bringing the site to life.

The home page also features some advanced HTML5 slideshow animations. HTML5 was used instead of video to give a much higher quality finish, enabling the slideshow to be randomly ordered and to also give greater flexibility for change than video would offer. Crucially, HTML5 displays on mobile devices without overloading bandwidth.

Key deliverables

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