App Developments for Viewpoint

Viewpoint works internationally with child and adult social care services, helping to improve the engagement of those in care, in how their care is provided. This is mainly done through interactive questionnaires.

We have been working with Viewpoint over the past 8 months to develop a range of Apps, so that questionnaires can be delivered across devices and with both offline and online access.Viewpoint questionnaire login screen

To date, we’ve completed a basic App and HTML5 App that works on desktop browsers. The HTML5 App delivers a fully Interactive questionnaire, an Accessibility version with the inclusion of symbols for questions and answers for those with learning difficulties and a Lite version with limited graphics for locations, particularly in remote Australian regions, with poor Internet access.

The Interactive version includes background images and animated characters (along with a progress bar), as displayed below.

Viewpoint animated character

Questionnaires include text to speech, for those respondent with reading difficulties. There is also a control panel within each app, enabling respondents to change the character displayed, to change colours and to take notes.

Viewpoint questionnaire background image

Other functionaity includes the ability to exit a questionnaire at any poinit and resume later at the same place. Questionnaires are setup by social workers or by Viewpoint and then assigned to children for completion. The Apps communicate with the Viewpoint systems via WebServices, enabling us to deliver the correct quesitonnaires for each person, based on their username and then once completed, to upload the responses.

Android versions of the quesitonnaires are nearing completion, and then we start on iOS and Windows versions.