New Responsive Website launched for Broxton

We’ve spent the past month working with Broxton on a redesign of its website. An important part of the redesign, with the increasing usage of tablets and smartphones,  was to ensure the site was provided a good user experience across multiple devices.

Broxton website on ipad and iphone

From the image above, you will see that the site uses an adaptive layout, responding to the device being used to view it. Viewed on an iPad in landscape, the placement of content is the same as on a desktop. On an iPhone, screen size is restricted, so we re-arrange the display and remove some elements – in this case, the size of the main image is reduced and we have removed the 3 main images within the content.

On an iPad held in portait orientation, the screen width is reduced. Rather than reducing the size of the font so that we can squeeze in all the content, we have simply re-arranged the content. We considered the Broxton quote to be more important than the news, so below, you will see the news that appears on the right in the landscape iPad view, has been repositioned (to below the fold of the iPad view below).

Broxton website displayed on ipad In implementing a Responsive Design, we can ensure that for every possible view – desktop, iPad or smartphone in both landscape or portrait orientation, the website content is displayed for an optimal viewing experience. Visitors don’t need to resize the site to read the copy, none of the normal pinch and zoom, regardless of the device.

Visit the Broxton website.

And this is all done with one website – there’s no need to maintain 2 websites, with one for desktops and a cut-down version for mobile devices.

If you want to see how your site is displayed on mobile devices, use our Responsive Design Test.

If you’d like to know how to convert your site to work best on mobile devices, call us on 01285 643 496.