SmartTown App launched for Switftbiz

We’ve just completed our latest app development for SwiftBiz, with an app called SmartTown.The app enables users to connect with the businesses and shops in a town – the app launches with coverage of businesses in Stroud and Cirencester, with Cheltenham to launch shortly, followed by a nationwide rollout.

SmartTown iPhone App Visitors choose their town and then the business category they want to view. Business locations are then displayed on a map – clicking a marker gives displays a business name and will display a full page of information with images of that business.

smarttown iphone1Push notifications enable businesses to promote updates and offers. WebServices enables SwiftBiz to easily manage the app content including the ability to manage categories, add new businesses and manage local events.

The app has been designed to include multiple towns within the same app – this makes it simpler and quicker to launch new locations as no new AppStore submissions are required, there is only one app to manage, and for users, they only need to download one app to cover multiple locations. The addition of new towns by SiwftBiz is again all managed via the WebServices, so SwiftBiz simply need to add the new town name and graphics and then manage their categories and businesses as with any existing town.