Bespoke data management system launched for Bridgethorne

Bridgethorne is a specialist in helping suppliers to retail chains understand their sales and maximise revenues through analysis of data. We’ve just completed a bespoke system for them, that automates data capture from retailers, validates data and provides a secure web portal for clients to access their reports.

Our system has automated many of Bridgethornethe previously manual processes that Bridgethorne performed on a weekly basis, offering an end to end solution from data retrieval to reporting, enabling Bridgethorne to do what they do best, analysing data and delivering value to their clients.

We just received some kind feedback from Bridgethorne’s Director of IT:

“The team at SearchPath has shown great expertise and ability to understand our requirements, add value and deliver a result beyond expectation.

SearchPath’s bespoke software development has enabled us to grow our Retail Analytics EPOS service through automated data capture, data validation and to provide a web portal for our clients to make more informed and insight-driven business decisions.”