New site launched for Swindon’s Health & Wellbeing Board

We’ve just completed and launched a new bespoke website for the Swindon JSNA, a suite of documents detailing the current and future health and wellbeing needs for Swindon.

The site features a clean, simple and full-screen design to give the site a modern look and feel and an easy to use UI for users. The site displays the content in 3 ways, each showing progressively more detailed. As part of the brief, there was a requirement to make the data more engaging for casual visitors, so we created an infographic, illustrating some of the headline data and targets, each section then being linked to the more detailed data included within the summary documents.

The fully responsive design ensures optimal viewing across desktops, tablets and smartphones. The site content is all managed via the SearchPath CMS, enabling copy to be changed, pages added and images managed across the site.

Swindon JSNA website